Archetypes of Leadership

Breukers Godrie_preview HH_klein.jpg

We live in times of big crises. Crises in ecology, democracy, media, ethics and economy. Big crises ask for firm decisions - the Greek krinein literally means 'to decide' - and firm decisions ask for firm leadership. But not every decision needs the same type of leadership.

That's why we did research into different types of future leadership. We interviewed a wide range of leaders and saw a wide variety of styles, perspectives, methods and personalities. We didn't want to nail this richness down in a few strict categories or bold colors. That's a management mindset, but not the right way to treat the complexity of life. 

No, instead we decided to make a series of eight images, which tell a very rich story that is open for interpretation. We use these eight archetypes to discuss which situation needs which type of leadership. You could say it's a tool for reflection in times of big crises.