Archetypes of Leadership

BG_Archetypes of leadership.jpg

We live in times of big crises. Crises in ecology, democracy, media, ethics and economy. Big crises ask for firm decisions - the Greek krinein literally means 'to decide' - and firm decisions ask for firm leadership. But not every decision asks for the same type of leadership.

That's why we did research into different types of future leadership. We interviewed a wide range of leaders and saw a wide variety of styles, perspectives, methods and personalities. We didn't want to reduce this richness to a few strict categories or bold colors. That's a typical management mindset, but not the right way to treat the complexity of life. 

No, instead we decided to translate our results into rich images, because images tell many stories and are open for interpretation. We use these eight archetypes as a starting point for the discussion: which situation needs which type of leadership? You could say it's a tool for reflection in times of big crises.