Experiencing Identity


Many organizations lack a vision and a clear identity. That's a pity, since those are crucial in times of great change. You need a vision and a set of values, in order to navigate through the storm. Without them, it's a matter of luck whether you reach the coast.

Some organizations however do have a clear vision and identity. They contribute to public health, they educate, they make sure that food is safe or that the law functions. But how clear their vision and identity may be, sometimes their employees still feel detached from it. They find themselves struggling in a wilderness of procedures, forms, meetings and e-mails. Many of which are pointless.

Over time, these employees get frustrated by it, or even cynical. That's a massive problem, and a major cause of stress, depression and burn out.

We help organizations with remembering who they are, where they came from, and why they exist, and we shape this identity a culture. A culture with symbols, rituals, visuals which let people experience why they are struggling. A culture of purpose, meaning and motivation.