The Art Formula


The Discovery

Recently, a major art discovery has been done. Hundreds of artists who claim to make 'original' work, turn out to be using one and the same formula: The Art Formula.

This fundamental formula was found through statistical analysis of a great number of so called 'artworks'. Analysing these raw data, a sequence of mathematical operations appeared which proved to generate all the selected artworks. Moreover, the formula proved that it was able to potentially create an endless amount of 'new' artworks. 


The Art Formula explained:

A stands for Art.
O stands for any random object one wants to transform into art. The multiplication makes sure the object is blown up by at least a tenfold and at most a hundredfold.
R stands for a rotation in space. This operation makes sure the object is rotated in a 3D matrix to end up in a different position than it currently is in.
M stands for the material the object currently consists of. The division with M´ replaces the current material with a different material.
C stands for the current context of the object. The division with C´ replaces the current context with a different context.
S stands for story, which needs to be added to the transformed object to turn it into a work of art. As S is not further defined, the exact content of the story does not seem to matter.


The discovery of The Art Formula is considered to be one of the major art events in the past century. Art critic Richard Muthspiel notes:

'This discovery is as important as the discovery of the linear perspective in the 15th century. It generates a wild array of new possibilities.'

Historian Angela Uppveili also comments on its' disruptive potential:

'The Art Formula has the power to undermine decades of 'authentic' and 'original art', and can even be expanded to recent design and architecture. This is explosive material.'

Other critics suggest there might be an unknown, greater Artist behind this formula to whom artists using The Art Formula are secretly paying a significant part of their income to. This claim has yet to be substantiated by valid proof.