The Dutch Green Age


A new story
We live in times of great changes, and great changes ask for new stories to guide us into the unknown future. The Netherlands however, lack a clear story and a future vision. While water levels rise, trust disappears and technology disrupts our lives, we stubbornly try to continue the status quo.

That's why it's time for a new story, a new perspective on our national identity and its' future. And since we believe that a convincing vision is always rooted in history, we started this project.

Our first step was an extensive research into a historical concept which is important for our national identity: the Dutch Trade Spirit. We interviewed twenty entrepreneurs, CEO’s and historians to get a better grip of this concept. We also conducted an elaborate literature and field study to gather additional information.

Using this bulk of raw material, we destilled a few key concepts which can unite people instead of dividing them. We then wove these key concepts into a new, inspiring story about the Netherlands. A story which starts with a mythical history and which leads to an inspiring future vision in which sustainability, entrepreneurship and rediscovering our spirit of openness, trust and courage are central. 

Finally, we presented this story through several media: a symbolic model of the Netherlands, a series of paintings, a presentation and a musical piece. These are tools to reframe who we are and what our future could be.

Aad Ouborg, Ali Niknam,  Arthur de Jong Luneau, Atilay Uslu, Bernard Wientjes, Emilie Gordenker, Jacco Bouw, Jochum Haakma, Marieke Blom, Meiny Prins, Menno Born, Meta Knol, Michaël van Straalen, Mirjam Bink, Oscar Gelderblom, Paul Giessen, Paul Schnabel, Pieter Kramer, Rick van den Wildenberg, Ruben van Zwieten en Taco Dibbits.