The Dutch Green Age


We Dutchies are very proud of our Golden Age.  An age in which our Trade Spirit saw opportunities in the water that kept our country soaking wet. The Trade Spirit turned that water into a friend, and brought us an economy in which we could live, safely and dry.

But overtime, the openness, trust, and courage of our Trade Spirit was suppressed by our desire for order, structure and risk minimization. The desire to preserve became bigger than the desire to create. This resulted in a country that is afraid to lose it's accumulated wealth to barbarians at our borders.

In this presentation, we take a deep look in the mirror, to see where we are now and where we need to go to. That future direction turns out to be surprisingly simple. It has something to do with water, economy and rediscovering our Spirit of openness, trust and courage. 

photos: Joris Ruigewaard, Trade Spirit Amsterdam